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Why Are EHR Adoption Rates so Low for Dentists?

Despite all the efforts to move health IT forward across all health care spectrums, a large gap still exists: the dental industry. Adoption of interoperable electronic health record (EHR) systems…

Between an ER and Urgent Care: Urgency Centers

For many Minnesotans, the decision is easy: go to the hospital emergency room and wait for hours, or take their acute health problem to an urgency center. A new health…
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Insights on the ACA: Missing Out on Medicaid Money

Note: ACA Watch is an ongoing, bi-weekly series with aggregated stories and insights on the latest developments regarding the Affordable Care Act. Look out for it every other Thursday. States…
state health insurance exchange

3 Things States Can Do to Pay for Their ACA Exchanges

When federal “venture capital” runs out, how will states keep exchanges going? Right now, many states are still focused on improving the consumer experience of their health insurance exchanges. But…

Marketing a State Insurance Exchange: Q&A With the Agency Behind Access Health CT

Before the Affordable Care Act, Connecticut had 337,000 uninsured residents. Reaching those people has involved broadcast advertising in English and Spanish, major and culturally-niche newspapers, billboards, and posters in convenience…
EHR stress

Is Your EHR Stressing You Out?

When Mark Friedberg, MD, and his team at RAND Corporation surveyed physicians about their job satisfaction in 2013, they were surprised that one area of discontent kept coming up: electronic…
texting list

5 Ways Doctors Should Text

The media noted a trend of doctors connecting with patients through social media and texting as early as 2012. Doctors can respond to simple questions their patients send via email…

Need to Save a Life? There’s an App for That.

Three years ago, San Ramon Valley Fire Chief Richard Price was eating dinner when he heard ambulance sirens. Someone next door had suffered a cardiac arrest and was unconscious. “That…
asthma inhaler

GPS Sensors Help Increase Understanding of Breathing Disorders

Many asthmatic patients are able to keep their conditions under control by using an inhaler. But thanks to a new technology, an inhaler has the ability to not only deliver…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Does Meaningful Use Make a Meaningful Difference?


Hospitals in the Digital Era Tap the Expertise of Nursing Informatics Pros

Nurses have long used data to manage and improve patient care. “Florence Nightingale used informatics,” said Patricia P. Sengstack, DNP, RN-BC, CPHIMS, president of the American Nursing Informatics Association and…

Wearable Gadgets Keep You Healthy and Safe

There are certain objects in our day-to-day lives that we hate despite their necessity, practicality, and occasionally life saving ability. Take bike helmets for example. They overheat your head in…
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