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Insights on the ACA: Reinforcing Health IT Importance

marilyn tavenner

Note: ACA Watch is an ongoing, bi-weekly series with aggregated stories and insights on the latest developments regarding the Affordable Care Act. Look out for it every other Thursday.

Healthcare reform has many labels, but it is rarely tagged as data or technology driven. Although opinions vary on the costs, benefits and complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the law drives a technological overhaul greatly needed to transform the healthcare system. An increased use of Health IT will create significant efficiencies and improve quality outcomes.


Tavenner Confirms Data Hub Complete

Marilyn Tavenner, CMS Administrator, confirmed the federal data hub’s completion at a congressional hearing last Wednesday. The hub will be used to help determine who will qualify for government subsidies when purchasing individual health insurance plans. Administrator Tavenner focused on CMS’ implementation progress and security measures, explaining that testing with federal agencies and states will be complete by the end of August. She assured the subcommittees that CMS is on track for October 1. She also advised the committees that states will be able to interact with the hub regardless of what type of exchange the state has chosen.

State Watch

Utah Awards Cognosante IV&V Contract

Cognosante will support Utah through the design, development and implementation of its new MMIS and will also support Utah’s preparation and completion of the CMS certification process for the new MMIS after it is implemented. This supports the state’s enhance-build, transfer and turnover strategic approach to replacing its MMIS.

Industry Watch

ONC Unveils Federal Health IT Progress Report

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) recently released a progress report on the agency’s health information technology planning and implementation program. This year, the ONC’s priorities will focus on collaborating with its federal partners and private stakeholders to expand health information exchanges and interoperability, optimizing tools and processes designed for Meaningful Use EHR Incentive program and increasing patient engagement.

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lois iepson

My concern regarding Healthcare policies is that the large deductibles will prevent patients from seeking healthcare despite their puchase of a policy. The deductible needs to be reduced or eliminated and/or more restrictions on what is covered to make the affordable care within the reach of everyone and reasonable. Most poliies now have thousand of dollars deductible that the patient must pay up front before coverage begins. Most patients do not understand this or will not seek care. Therefore only insurance companies will make profits from forced premiums. Deductibles should be eliminated and what is covered, how often, etc. spelled out clearly.Providers and patients will continue to be losers in this and their health care may not improve.