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[INFOGRAPHIC]: The Digital Difference


Haiyan: Coordinating an International Medical Response

Thousands are feared dead in the aftermath of what could be the worst storm ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan. The scattered dispatches from the central Philippines region describe scenes of devastation,…
internal security threat

Your Worst Information Security Threats Are Internal, but You Can Fix Them

What’s the biggest threat to health data security? Not the cloud. Not hackers. “Your biggest threat to health systems is internal access to records,” said Ken Bradberry, chief technology officer…

Cut Out the Copying and Pasting in EHRs!

For busy physicians trying to make efficient use of electronic health records (EHR), employing the “copy and paste” feature to transfer information within a patient’s record is a time-saver. Also…
cloud computing

Never Fear, ‘The Cloud’ is Here

Contrary to rumor, the cloud is as secure, if not more secure, than conventional data management and storage, according to a Xerox expert. What’s in a name? “The perception is,…
money CIO

Chief Information Officer Job Getting Tougher, But Pay Lags Behind

Sharp CIO Bill Spooner comments on the trend. As more and more health IT deadlines for adoption, regulation, security and go-live crop up this fall, health system Chief Information Officers…
doc and patient talking

Provider and Patient Attitudes About Health Records Don’t Line Up

Though three-quarters of patients believe electronic health records (EHRs) will improve their care, only one third actually want their medical records to be digital. That statistic comes from an August…
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Electronic Health Records Go Pro

NFL, NBA show the potential of EHRs for patient care by adopting cutting-edge technology. Amid all the talk about the promise of electronic health records (EHRs) for improving patient care,…

“Universal Caseload System” Smoothes Out Medicaid Eligibility in Indiana

A tech solution helps patients understand their Medicaid coverage faster and more efficiently. The State of Indiana has an innovative universal caseload system that automatically connects program clients to eligibility…

One in Four Surgical Errors Stems From Technology, Study Says

A quarter of surgical errors can be traced back to equipment or technology failures, but most are due to human mistakes, not inherent problems with the tech, according to a…

How to Take Your Vitals Without Touching: Q&A with Eribaweimon Shilla

There’s perhaps nothing more basic in medicine than taking a patient’s vitals, but such tasks can get tricky when the patient is one of the small visitors to the neonatal…