EHR stress

Is Your EHR Stressing You Out?

When Mark Friedberg, MD, and his team at RAND Corporation surveyed physicians about their job satisfaction in 2013, they were surprised that one area of discontent kept coming up: electronic…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Does Meaningful Use Make a Meaningful Difference?


Hospitals in the Digital Era Tap the Expertise of Nursing Informatics Pros

Nurses have long used data to manage and improve patient care. “Florence Nightingale used informatics,” said Patricia P. Sengstack, DNP, RN-BC, CPHIMS, president of the American Nursing Informatics Association and…
phone call

The Top 7 ACA Call Center Questions, Answered

With online options often on the fritz, more and more potential consumers on the insurance exchange are calling hotlines for help. In Kentucky, for example, agents had answered more than…

[INFOGRAPHIC]: The Digital Difference

internal security threat

Your Worst Information Security Threats Are Internal, but You Can Fix Them

What’s the biggest threat to health data security? Not the cloud. Not hackers. “Your biggest threat to health systems is internal access to records,” said Ken Bradberry, chief technology officer…
money CIO

Chief Information Officer Job Getting Tougher, But Pay Lags Behind

Sharp CIO Bill Spooner comments on the trend. As more and more health IT deadlines for adoption, regulation, security and go-live crop up this fall, health system Chief Information Officers…
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Electronic Health Records Go Pro

NFL, NBA show the potential of EHRs for patient care by adopting cutting-edge technology. Amid all the talk about the promise of electronic health records (EHRs) for improving patient care,…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Though Health IT is Improving, Pain Points Remain for Most Docs


Using Medicaid Data to Make Managed Care Better

Data rules day two of the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference. You can learn a lot about a state from its Medicaid encounter data. At least, that’s what Mark Pitcock of…
culture of adoption

Health IT: Creating a Culture of Adoption

It’s one thing to install a new health IT application. The software vendor and healthcare informatics teams busily prepare for the big implementation event. At a precise moment, a switch…
measuring investment value

New Database Measures the Value of Healthcare IT: Early Results Are In

Over the past four years, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded millions of dollars in incentive money to hospitals and physician groups to install electronic health…